|| Australian Animated TV Show || Barren Wasteland. Bloody Chaos. Beer on Tap.

Australian Animated TV show || Barren Wasteland. Bloody Chaos. Beer On Tap.


Radioactive kangaroos, a tourist limb collecting wench and hippie banditos run amok in the post apocalyptic landscape of Doomlands. This Australian animated sitcom will follow the exploits of outlaw Danny Doom and his gang of misfits: a bumbling drunkard cop, a lizard chef, an abrupt transgender warrior and a publican that’s seen it all. They call their Oasis Bar home, a place full of violent misfits, soaked in beer and blood. 

Pulled from the collective, perverted minds of Josh O'Keefe, Max Favetti and the thong donning Sunny Munn, the pilot episode of Doomlands is due to be completed by December 2015.


Our first major milestone on our quest to bring DOOMLANDS to the world is the creation of a short pilot that introduces our world and characters. Our Kickstarter campaign is all going into ~17,280 frames worth of shit-hot animation because it takes a bunch of time to pull something like this together, and our animators need a little something to get by. The script for the pilot is finalised and the story is as follows:


After a big night at the bar, Danny Doom and the rest of the OASIS crew realise their beer has been stolen by a gang of partying bandits. Danny, Lhandi and Jep follow them back to their 'doof' on the Sacred Mountain and steal the beer back from the debauched trespassers. This begins a violent desert car chase involving a trailer full of beer, reckless bandits, fireball throwing natives and a giant serpent that destroys everything in it's path.

Meanwhile, Xanthena and Tetsuo have been left to look after the bar, and the lack of beer has left the regulars quite rowdy. In desperation, Tetsuo crafts a special 'cocktail' as a substitute. The drink ends up having psychedelic side effects, sending all the patrons loopy, and forces Xanthena to deal with her inner demons.


Want help bring this pilot episode to life? Head over to our Kickstarter page and pledge your support!


Most of the coin is for the animators! We want this show to be badass! Time is $$$ baby, and Animation takes a heck of a long time. We'll also use a portion of the money raised towards future promotion of the show, so that more people can get a taste of that sweet, sweet Doomshine... and eventually, with enough support, we can make a whole season! 

And you know, if there's a bit extra in the kitty, we'll probably throw a party for yall...


We all learnt a lot about American culture growing up watching The Simpsons, because Animated TV Shows have a spectacular way of recycling stories. What if those stories were Australian?

With a barren, bloody wasteland and beer on tap, DOOMLANDS captures the fading mysticism of the Wild West, and presents it in a world built on post-apocalyptic Science Fiction. DOOMLANDS has the potential to rebuild, or remix, those Australian myths that are embedded into the national psyche. These myths are what sets Australia apart from the rest of the world and by exploring them, a national identity can be found.


Hold on to ya stubbies, because this Southern-Summer... DOOMLANDS is coming!