The SHow

In a barren, bloody wasteland with beer on tap, DOOMLANDS is an adult animated comedy that follows the adventures of DANNY DOOM the Kind-Hearted Outlaw and JEP the Incompetent Cop. An unlikely duo who set out on a complaisant quest for survival, justice, and most importantly: BEER! 


The show is set in a roving, subterranean pub called THE OASIS run by revered matriarch and publican LHANDI. Aboard this roving sanctuary, they trawl the post-apocalyptic ‘Outback’ on an endless search for beer - the only source of hydration in this destroyed world. 

As the Oasis crew embark on this thirst quenching crusade through the unforgiving nuclear desert, they must protect themselves from raveounes gangs, mutated wildlife, relentless zombies and the corrupt law-enforcing CopBots.