|| Australian Animated TV Show || Barren Wasteland. Bloody Chaos. Beer on Tap.

Australian Animated TV show || Barren Wasteland. Bloody Chaos. Beer On Tap.


Sunny Munn |  Danny Doom

Friends and scholars alike have yet to discern the Swamp Creature’s origins. When pressed, this Slumdog Millionaire speaks vaguely of a mythical land, its oppressive tropical heat and houses built on towering stalks. This long limbered beast has the gift of the gab. In between stand up comedy, drinking pints and losing bikes, the rest of the team acts as a sieve, fossicking through the twisted muck of his mind to see what sticks in DOOMLANDS.

Max Favetti | Xanthena, Tetsuo, Doof King

If a throng of acid fiends had an all-out freakfest orgy with Alanis Morissette and an entire stable of 'My Little Ponies', Max Favetti would be the resulting spawn. Versatile and affable, this verbose purveyor of mirth enriches the lives of all whom he meets. Whether marauding the Melbourne back-alleys clad in kaleidoscopic spandex, or traipsing through the Nevada desert with a headful of beans; rest assured, goodtimes & madcap adventures are always just around the corner. But beware the warbled ramblings of our benevolent young boffin. For, once you peer into the rabbit-hole that is Massimo's twisted, genius mind - there is no turning back. You have been warned.

Nat Nespeca | Lhandi

When searching for the voice of Lhandi, the team looked no further than Signorina Nespeca. This eye popping thespian will make you pick those peepers back off the floor so you can wipe away the tears she moved you to. If she’s not suffering for her craft or hand making salsicca in the garage with her Nona, you can find her fly kicking old mate in the booth. Her acting chops are the only thing that brings legitimacy to the cast.

Ben Hewett | Jep

While his wardrobe may be so generic it will make your tongue bleed, Ben “The Original Mad Dog” Hewett is as far away from normalcy as you can get. Don’t let the domesticated handy man, committed husband and father persona fool you, this Mad Dog earnt his namesake true and proper. If he wasn’t pissing in motel hot tubs on the road with Crusty Demons as their MC, he was in a McLaren F1 going 150 around a hairpin turn, commentating live for the adulating onlookers at the Top Gear Road Show. Truly one of the best talents this country has to offer, we breathe a collective sigh of relief every day that an invoice from his management isn’t in the mailbox.


Josh O'Keefe | WWZARD6

The CEO with steeze and a rig to match, this longhaired, debonair sk8er boi is the brainchild behind DOOMLANDS. For an anguished time the concept of this animated madness swirled in his head before settling in his belly, gestating. Then, it erupted out of him a la John Hurt, and all those who copped a face full of its thick creative fluid immediately wiped their face and signed up. The captain that steers this mutated galley leads by example: nothing is impossible; all you have to do is draw it.


WRITERS // Sunny Munn, Max Favetti
PRODUCER // Matt Kingerlee
LEAD ANIMATION // Josh Trotter, Andrew Onorato
SOUND DESIGN // Troy Mauri