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Our story takes place in Doomlands, a penal colony where criminals are sent to ride out their life sentences. Over the years, some semblance of order has emerged in the wasteland with the establishment of Aurion, a wealthy walled city, but beyond its walls, it’s the wild west and anarchy persists.

Danny Doom, long-mythologized badass, has settled into a life of relative stability in the wasteland, running his roving subterranean bar, The Oasis. Danny’s new bartender, Lhandi, is eager to get into all the outlawing and mischief Danny is notorious for and make a name for herself. But Danny’s laid back, under-the-radar approach disappoints Lhandi, until some of her mistakes borne from her naivety and recklessness start to draw some of the “old” Danny out. As the adventures of the Oasis crew escalate, Lhandi realizes that constantly facing life or death scenarios can get tiresome in it’s own way, and she’s faced with the decision to stay in Doomlands or go back to her family (and ex-fiance) in Aurion. Her decision will be heavily swayed by the discovery that Danny has been keeping a massive secret from the crew. If the hero she followed out to the desert isn’t who she thought he was, what’s left for her in the wasteland?


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