|| Australian Animated TV Show || Barren Wasteland. Bloody Chaos. Beer on Tap.

Australian Animated TV show || Barren Wasteland. Bloody Chaos. Beer On Tap.

A Belated Update:

Dear Faithful Doomlands Supporters,

Haven’t we been rather quite? A year has passed since we launched our Kickstarter and it seems only dust sweeps through this barren wasteland. Contrary to popular belief, we haven’t bagged up the ca$h we received from our Kickstarter campaign and fled to La Serena. Nor is Doomlands a front for Mr. Tropicana’s money laundering - he has other means for that. Doomlands is not doomed, it is not dead, it will never die… It’s just still under development. 

After a few spitballs amongst empty pint glasses at the pub, Doomlands was created as a University project for Mr. Tropicana’s graduating year. Although it begun with modest intentions and sketchbooks soaked in beer, the support we received from all of YOU made this project much more than a simple school assignment. As heads turned we built our team, writers, animators, actors, alcoholics all came together like a band, jamming to the sounds of roaring V8’s under a scorching sun. The only problem is, it is a lot harder to make an animated TV show than we originally thought… 

There is so much amazing talent and ideas coming out of Australia right now, and Doomlands is just a small drop in an excitingly turbulent sea. We believe in our project so much, but we have to convince the big dogs up top that Doomlands is worthy, and that’s taking some serious time. We want to make sure this one stands out amongst the rest and really lights some fires. 

Why do we think our show is so important? Doomlands is a Tabula Rasa, a blank open slate for creation, and amongst the red dirt of Terra Australis, there’s a huge opportunity for the communication of Australian stories. As one of the youngest nations on this throbbing blue ball, we are only now discovering a sense of a National identity, and Doomlands will one day be an excellent vehicle for the ideas and values that are original to all us cunts.

Although we promised a Pilot Episode screening this year, it may be some time before we can reveal what we have been tinkering on this whole time. This promise was born from an ignorance in process, and process is something we have all learnt to respect. The Doomlands team is stretched mighty thin, as this project, despite funding, is still a project of passion. We would all love for this to be our day jobs, and we are working, whenever we can, so that maybe one day it is. 

We have a plan, and we’re right on track with it. We’ve had enough time bunkered down and the communication embargo has been lifted. We apologise wholeheartedly for leaving yall in the dark for so long but it’s all gonna be worth it. And to our Kickstarter supporters, who have given us more than love, we will endeavour forever to fulfil our promise, slowly but surely. To our Big Bro from the far west, one day you’ll receive the neon sign we made for you, we may have to drive it over there ourselves in our beat up old corolla but we’ll get it there one day… 


I walk against the air, dry and dead.
The same dirt, a familiar crunch.

This lonely march, 
except that mess of a car,
In the valley behind the hill. 
Were they going the same way?
I stop beneath the tree, long forgotten shade.
It is white, and tall. 
The bones of yesterday.

Where is he?

- Capt. Midnight


Doomlands Familia!!! 

Our sincerest apologies for not taking a rag and wiping ya dribble earlier. 

Obviously we can smell the bated breath even with our heads down and bums up. 

Making Australia’s best animated sitcom is hard yakka, harder than we thought, but no less pleasing. A hard fought climax is always beneficial for all parties. 

For those who donated, we haven’t run off with ya munz, sports bag full o’ sambo’s, perched on a stool at the Rooty Hill RSL slot machines. 

We’re just making sure Doomlands is the best it can be, and that means we need a little bit more time with this misshapen bambino before we let it waddle out into the world.

The Doomlands Pilot Episode has been delayed, (We're making it better!) An official release date and information on Screenings will be available in the coming months. 

Stay tuned & thanks again for the support! 

- Team Doom